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About the calculator

Enter times into the form field above and then click on the Add Times button. Your results will show up in the gray box under Results.

More than most tools on this site, this one is built out of a personal need. It's pretty common for me to have a set of videos or activities in class that are all some number of minutes and seconds, but what I really need to know is how long they take together. It's easy enough to add manually, but it'd be even easier to punch the times in a calculator like this and have the computer do the work for me.

The time addition calculator will separate out what you type in on any type of whitespace, so it doesn't matter if you separate times by spaces or put each on their own line.

It'll then go through and calculate the sum of everything that looks like a time.

Format Explanation
Whole Number Treated as seconds
xx:yy xx minutes and yy seconds
xx.yy Also xx minutes and yy seconds
ww:xx:yy ww hours, xx minutes, yy seconds
ww.xx.yy Same

Notice that you can use either a colon or period to separate the numbers. And, the number don't always have to be 2 digits. For example, you can enter 102:953 for 102 minutes and 953 seconds and the calculator will simplify it to 1 hour, 57 minutes, and 53 seconds for you.

Anything that doesn't match one of the above patterns is ignored.

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