Basic Clock Face Images

Geared Hands


To create a custom clock image set the time field to whatever you'd like and the clock will update. It defaults to the current time.

Geared Hands: When enabled the hour hand will move smoothly between the hours. When disabled the hour hand will always fall on an even hour marker. For example, when set to 1:30 and geared hands enabled the hour hand will be halfway between the 1 and 2 mark. If disabled then the hour hand will be on the 1 hour mark from between 1:00 and 1:59.

Format: You can dowload the image in either PNG or JPEG format. PNG images will have a transparent background, and will probably be more useful to you if you're using the image in a document or presentation. JPEG will have a solid white background since JPEG dosn't support transparency.

Image Size: The image you download will be a 1,024 pixel square.

Usage Rights

Images created from this tool are free for personal use only. You can use them freely on your personal projects, but may not sell what you create with the images commercially.

Teachers, you are welcome to use these images in your classroom. I don't consider it commercial use if you're creating materials for your students and students. If you would like to share with other teachers, please share the link to this site.

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