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How to use this tool

Either type or paste your text into the input text area and whatever you put there will be hashed using the SHA-512 algorithm.

One thing about SHA-512, and most hashing algorithms, is that they return a fixed length string no matter how much text you hash. In the case of SHA-512, the output is always 512 bits which is represented as a 128 character string.

About SHA-512 Hash

SHA-512, or Secure Hash Algorithm 512-bit, is a member of the SHA-2 family, designed to provide a high level of security and resistance to various cryptographic attacks. Developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), SHA-512 generates a fixed-size output of 512 bits, represented as a 128-character hexadecimal number.

Similar to other hash functions, SHA-512 takes an input of any size and transforms it into a unique hash value. Its longer bit length enhances security by significantly expanding the possible hash combinations, making it more resistant to brute-force attacks and collision vulnerabilities compared to shorter hash functions.

SHA-512 is commonly used in security-sensitive applications where a robust and secure hashing algorithm is essential. It finds applications in digital signatures, certificates, and various cryptographic protocols. The larger output size also contributes to its strength in protecting against emerging cryptographic threats.

Can I go the other way?

Want to take a SHA-384 hash and get back the original text? Bad news, you can't. That's the whole point of a hash. It's a one way function. You can't go backwards.

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