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How to use this tool

Either type or paste your text into the input text area and whatever you put there will be hashed using the SHA256 algorithm.

One thing about SHA 256, and most hashing algorithms, is that they return a fixed length string no matter how much text you hash. In the case of SHA 256, the output is always 256 bits which is represented as a 64 character string.

About SHA 256 Hash

SHA-256, which stands for Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit, is a type of cryptographic hash function widely used in computer security. Think of it as a special mathematical blender designed to take any kind of data, like a document or a password, and transform it into a fixed-size string of characters, specifically 64 characters or 256 bits in length. This process is known as hashing.

One crucial property of SHA-256 is its one-way nature. Once information is hashed, it's challenging to reverse the process and figure out the original input. Even a small change in the input produces a significantly different output, making it practically impossible to deduce the original data from the hash.

This hash function plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and security of digital information. For instance, when you create an account online, the system doesn't store your actual password; instead, it stores the SHA-256 hash of your password. When you enter your password to log in, the system hashes the entered password and checks if it matches the stored hash.

SHA-256 is an integral part of blockchain technology, used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Each block in the blockchain contains a unique identifier, a hash, generated using SHA-256, ensuring the integrity and immutability of the entire chain. In essence, SHA-256 serves as a powerful tool in the digital world, providing a secure and efficient way to verify data integrity and protect sensitive information.

Can I go the other way?

Want to take a SHA 256 hash and get back the original text? Bad news, you can't. That's the whole point of a hash. It's a one way function. You can't go backwards.

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