Title Case Converter



How does this work?

The goal with this converter it to convert a string of text into title case according to the APA Rules for Title Case, listed below.

One thing to note, this is meant to work with single sentences and not large blocks of text. It will mostly work with paragraphs, but you may see some oddities with the first word in subsequent sentences.

APA Title Case Rules

The rules that this converter follows are

  • First and last words are capitalized
  • Both parts of a hypenated word are capitalized
  • Articles are lowercased - a, an, the
  • Conjunctions are lowercased - and, but, or, nor
  • Short prepositions are lowercased - as, at, by, for, in, of, on, per, to, via
  • Versus is lowercased - vs., vs, v., v
  • When possible, acronyms and international capitalization are kept


And thanks to Gouch at GitHub for the creating and sharing the code that does the heavy lifting on this converter.

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