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About this converter

This probably isn't news if you've taken a programming class, but computers don't really understand letters. They only know numbers. So when you press the capital A key on your keyboard it doesn't send the letter A to the computer. It sends a 65. The computer gets that 65 and knows to display an A.

And, it's not really sending 65 either. It's sending 1000001 which is 65 in binary. But, that's too many characters so computer people like to use something called hexadecimal which is base 16. That 65, or 1000001, becomes 41.

What you'll notice is that as you type in your text some of the numbers will have letters in them. That's because we need extra digits for base 16. In base 10, the one that we usually use, we need 10 digits 0 through 9. With base 16 we need 16 digits so the 10th digit is a, 11th digit is b, and so on to the 16th digit which is f.

How to use

You can either type directly into the text area on the top of this page or paste in your text. Either way the script will take over and convert whatever you enter into its hexadecimal values.

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