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What is random case?

You've seen it before. Just maybe didn't know what it was called.

Random case is when letters are converted to either upper case or lower case randomly. So yOU MiGHt See SOmetHIng LikE THiS.

It's admittedly pretty silly and doesn't serve much of a purpose. But it's fun, so I put this converter here to make it easy.

Do you need really need a tool for this?

No, you can do it yourself. I did a couple paragraphs up with the example. But it's quicker to just let the tool do it for you, especially if you have a lot of text to convert.

How do I convert to random case?

Easiest thing is to just start typing in the box above. With every key press your converted text will randomly change case. You can also paste text into the textbox and it'll convert it for you.

What about punctuation? numbers?

Only letters are affected. Anything not A-Z isn't touched so numbers stay number, punctuation stays punctuation, spaces stay spaces.

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